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The Artist

The turner, Helge Hollund is currently living in Bjerkreim.

In the basement I have a working area where I enjoy spending time on wood or perhaps I am upstairs by the computer doing genealogy research.

The turning started in 1971 on a drill gun, but later I have got more equipment to help me do what I want to do. The last 10 years before I was pensioner, I worked as a handicraft artist mostly turning bowls. I have been a member of The Norwegian Association of Art and Crafts and have attended their exhibitions and arrangements.

I like to create things people can use in their practical life, or perhaps just have the wooden items before them to enjoy looking or I make aesthetic bowls and pure artistic creations from wood. Showing how God through many years shaped the tree from a little seed. When the tree is mature and cut down I do a little work.

Sometimes I create items on the border of what is possible to make out from the woods, my tools and not at least my skill.